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                     Rule Enforcement:                                      

Referees are there to guarantee fair-play. Respect the referees and their decisions. In case the rules are unclear concerning any of the topics below the referees will decide how to apply them. Referees will punish you if you break any of the rules, or if you misbehaved in a way that might not be literally listed in the rules. 


Complaints about referees abusing their power can be posted at   HERE

The 11 Golden Server Rules 

Concerning Players: 

§ 1. Racism, sexism, flaming and insulting other players is not tolerated. 

§ 2. Cheating is not allowed. 

§ 3. Kick or mute votes without a valid reason are not allowed. 

§ 4. Switching teams is not allowed after the game has started. (Exception will be made when one team has much less players) 

§ 5. Exploiting is not allowed, this includes: 
- Shooting over hills with catapults, or weapons with similar characteristics, if the map design does not allow it 
- Staying on top of a building to attack it or to gain unfair advantage by doing so if the roof of the specific building is not directly and easily accessible to all 
- Avoiding map limitations using glitches, e.g. getting over grimm's wall 
- Abusing the terrain to get to places other players cannot get to. 
- Utilizing damage blow-back (i.e. being hit by a behemoth) to reach otherwise unreachable areas. In case a player is catapulted in such an area, s/he is to take the most direct route back to normal ground 

§ 6. Camping with siege units at spawn locations is not allowed. 
- Camping suggests that the unit is staying around one area and is waiting for someone to come close to kill them 
- Excessively spawning as the behemoth unit, solely for defensive purposes, will be considered camping 

Concerning Commanders: 

§ 7. Commanders are not allowed to place: 
- exploit buildings (e.g. building a garrison/sublair behind wall which makes it possible to spawn on the other side) 
- buildings on top of players 
- buildings on top of flags (however it is allowed to build buildings around a flag) 
- buildings on a spire, so it cannot be attacked 
- gateways at locations that cannot be reached by the enemy team 

§ 8. Commanders are not allowed to destroy their team's buildings to end a game faster. 

§ 9. Commanders are not allowed to spawn with siege units when there are more than 4 people in their team (keep in mind rule § 6). 

Concerning Referees: 

§ 10. Referees are not allowed to use their powers solely for personal gain or to give themselves an unfair advantage over other players. 


These rules may be edited by administrators...                                                        

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