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 Saturday 04.05.2013 18GMT Training , we need to train our team play and some important things, You are required to be present , people who will miss trainings will not play in CW and NSL and will be kicked from clan. And of course if you cant just tell me that it's not a problem if you cant come but i need to know about that.


I want all to use only RANGED WEAPONS for fight...all must have 40%+tempest at least!! train hard that... 
use blaze / tempest/surge!!!  

If there is hard situation, for example u pred vs 2 humans, dont take a chance on killing them, just take your frenzy and leap away   
REDUCE ANY RISK TO DIE, BETTER RUN AWAY if we dont attack as a group 
this is very important try to change your mind about that, there are a lot of situations on cws when you should act different from you do on pub 


- when u get relo,try to get 0 deaths until the end of match! 

- try to stick together always, dont try to make it alone, pretty often its better to wait 10-20 secs for your teammate than just go alone 

-as legionnaire never fight a pred with 2/3 , 1/2 hp... you could check when your teammate is spawning at sh/gar and reloc then and move together 
-as savage if you get pred hit reloc IMMEDIATLY

 all who read that pls reply! 

В СУББОТУ04.05.2013 в 18 GMT тренировка, быть всем!!! 

Все кто прочилал отпишитесь!!! 

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2 Ghitler   (04.05.2013 22:31)
sorry guys , i have problems at work and cant come :(((

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1 papichullo   (04.05.2013 00:16)
apple , есль не нажрется и не будет валятся в конвульсиях,гдето под кустом- обязательно придет!!!! всё таки ведь пасха.....как ни как!! ах да.... и еще.... I dont speak english!!! хотелось бы по русски и по медленнее.... я записую.... :) Всем ХРИСТОС ВОСКРЕС!!!!!!!!!!!!

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